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the sensitive & soulful vault

All of the tools and trainings I've used to get to a place of unapologetic confidence and fierce sensitive self-love.
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Sensitive & Soulful
Self-Worth Course

Learn how to identify and release the low-self-worth patterns holding you back so you can step into the empowered, intuitive, confident highly sensitive human you've always been meant to be!

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The HSP Relationship Bundle

In this mini-course, you'll learn how to have more fulfilling relationships, express your needs with confidence, attract healthier relationships with both HSPs and non-HSPs, and more.

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Sensitive Soul Meditations

Meditation is truly nourishing for sensitive souls. Within this library of guided meditations, you'll find tracks designed to help you relax, reconnect, and recalibrate your energy. 

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Mini CoursesĀ & Masterclasses

WORTHY: Self-Worth Mini-Course
NOT "Too Sensitive" Workshop