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95. Feeling Your Feelings and Emotional Regulation (Re-air: September 2021) | The Sensitive & Soulful Show

highly sensitive podcast Jun 20, 2023

An oldie but a goodie! (Originally published September 27th, 2021)


Maybe you grew up being told your emotions were "too much" or you were in a household where it was literally unsafe to express how you were as an adult you find it difficult to handle these emotions and feelings. As I currently work through feelings of grief in my own life, philosophies on Emotional Regulation have been coming up a lot. It can be so much easier to numb out or blow up instead of just feeling the feelings and moving on.

Growth, expansion, and a stronger version of yourself is on the other side of your emotions. You must be willing to move through them in order to live your healthiest life.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to deal with your emotions in a healthy way.
  • Knowing the difference between over-regulation and under-regulation.
  • Some tools to move through your emotions instead of shoving them down.

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