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60. Leaning into Simplicity & Releasing Urgency [Sensitive & Empowered Series with Matt Landsiedel] | The Sensitive & Soulful Show

highly sensitive podcast Oct 18, 2022

Join Matt and I on this episode of the Sensitive & Empowered series (a monthly Instagram chat)! We talk about learning how to invite more simplicity into our lives by being aware of our relationship with perfectionism and urgency.

We are both at a stage in our lives where we are learning balance, and we want to share all the wisdom we've accrued over the last couple years when it comes to living a life where we can still achieve our goals while also practicing peacefulness and calmness.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • About finding balance in a masculine-heavy world
  • Why it's more important to rest than it is to push through
  • How comparison is fueling your burnout

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