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26. Healthy Ways to Manage Work Stress as a Highly Sensitive Person | The Sensitive & Soulful Show

highly sensitive podcast Feb 22, 2022

Work is without a doubt the biggest and most time consuming part of our lives. But when we come home each and every day exhausted, tired, and uninspired or heck, even getting sick to our stomach ON THE WAY to work... we know it's time to make a change (and no, I'm not telling you to quit your job on the spot).

In today's episode, I give you my top tools for handling work stress. Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, these tools are universal and can lead to an overall better work-life balance.

You'll learn:

  • How to tell if your work is toxic.
  • Signs that it's time to create boundaries or find a new job.
  • How you can continue to be an amazing employee or business owner.

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