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146. You Matter (How To Make Yourself A Priority As A Highly Sensitive Person) with Matt Landsiedel | The Sensitive & Soulful Show

boundaries good girl hsp podcast self worth Jun 18, 2024

Does it feel HARD for you to slow down? Maybe you're worried about "falling behind", disappointing others, or not living up to your potential. In this Sensitive & Empowered conversation, Matt and I get vulnerable and share our experiences with struggling to prioritize ourselves, what we're doing to change that, and practical things you can do as an HSP or empath to show yourself that YOU matter.

In this conversation, we cover:

  • Different ways we may neglect ourselves
  • What we get out of overgiving ourselves to others
  • Practical things we can to do prioritize ourselves
  • Finding ways to show ourselves that we MATTER


Connect with Matt:

Matt's IG: Instagram (@inspiredtobeauthentic)

Matt's Youtube: Matt Landsiedel - Inspired to Be Authentic


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