No One Has it All Together. Even Beyoncé (Probably) Has Bad Days.

inspiration wellness Feb 12, 2019

Give. Yourself. A. Break.

I’m writin’ this for you. I’m writin’ this for me. 

No one has it all together.

If you ever forget that, while getting lost in the social media scrolling of perfect couples, beautiful table settings, and romantic vacations – I’m here to remind you. We all have struggles. We all get insecure. We all say things we don’t mean. We all feel hurt and sad some days.

This was during the height of my stomach issues. Despite appearances, shortly before this, I had a minor meltdown because I was sick & couldn’t eat or drink what everyone else was.

It’s easy to get caught up in the comparison game. That’s my biggest hang up. I put pressure on myself to be the best I can possibly be in every aspect of my life – best employee; best blogger; never miss a workout; always eat healthy; save money; look pretty; keep the house clean; be an awesome girlfriend; always be kind and positive. I run myself ragged trying to be perfect in every aspect.

If she can do it, I can too, right? If you’re comparing yourself with what you see online, I can promise you’re not getting the full story.

My blog is meant to be uplifting and inspiring. I love that and I believe in it. But some days, I’m really, totally not feeling uplifted and inspired. Some days I have a bad attitude and feel like the world is a dark place. And on those days, I feel like such a hypocrite. Like, why can’t I just practice what I preach? Well, because I’m human! I’m not going to feel positive and happy all the time. I can’t. I’m emotional. I feel deeply. I’m sensitive. You can bet that that if I’m losing sleep over trying to be perfect, it’s impossible for me to show up as my best self because I’m exhausted. And when ya girl is tired, she gets crabby.

Give yourself permission to slow down. To take a breath and be okay with not feeling okay. If you expect yourself to feel great all the time, you’re on track to repress emotions and explode later on. Trust me, I am a repeat offender of that one. Let yourself feel. You don’t need to be defined by your sadness, frustration, fear. Just notice and accept that it’s there.

“What we judge, we hold onto. What we accept, we let go of.” -Alyssa Nobriga

What does this mean? It means breathe into the difficult feelings. Literally, feel the feeling, accept that it’s there and take a deep breath. It’s ok. Don’t judge yourself for feeling bad some days. You’re human. Treat yourself to some time alone, if that’s what you need. Go to bed early. Take a bath. Be patient with yourself. Be honest with the people you love about how you’re feeling.

Again, I’m here to remind you (and myself), that you don’t have to do it all. You can’t! No one has it all together. If you try to do it all, there’s a 99.99% chance that you will burn out. If there are some dirty dishes in the sink– no worries! If you spent a little too much money this month– that’s ok! If you didn’t respond to a difficult situation with grace– it happens!

Tomorrow is a new day and a chance to try again.

You’re not condemned to a bad life because you lost your temper at the slow driver or complained too much, again. Just keep on goin’. Try again tomorrow and don’t be so dang hard on yourself. I feel you and I’m right there with you.

With love,