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Put your HANDS UP if you’re a highly sensitive person who dreams of feeling calm, confident, and not so bothered by the world around you.

Give me a "YESS, PLEASE!" if you’re ready to stop feeling like a burden who needs to apologize every five seconds just because you have different needs.

Your sensitivity is a gift and it's time to start believing it.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to Highly Sensitive People who tell me they feel like they’re “too much” because they’re sensitive.

They feel like they’re “broken” because they get overwhelmed more easily than other people.

“Everyone else can handle a busy schedule… what’s MY problem?”

And the thought of actually speaking up for themselves makes them want to crawl into a hole.

“What if people think I’m dramatic?!”

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SO many of the HSPs I talk to have experienced chronic health issues and challenging relationships.

They often spend their days feeling depleted, lonely and drained because...

  • They’ve said "yes" to YET ANOTHER project they don’t have time for.
  • They’re absorbing everyone else’s energy (HSPs are always that caring friend, right?!).
  • And the people in their life "don't get" their sensitivity, so they feel totally alone in their experience.

Can you relate?

If so, the Sensitive & Soulful Vault is literally meant for you.

In this program, I’ll help you go from feeling chronically overwhelmed and like your sensitivity is a “burden” to feeling beautifully at ease because you take incredible care of yourself AND you know you deserve it. 💋

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I've been there.

Before I knew how to work with my sensitivity...

I felt resentful and unseen in my relationships because I didn't know how to speak up for what I needed. I always felt like, "Why does no one care as much as I do?!"

I was always second-guessing myself. From the things I said, "omg I hope they didn't take that the wrong way!" to even the simplest decisions like where to eat for dinner. I never wanted to say or do the wrong thing. 

I hit a breaking point when I developed digestive issues due to chronic anxiety and stress. I didn't like who I was. I didn't know how to take care of myself. And because I was deeply insecure, I was unintentionally sabotaging the best relationship I'd ever had in my life (the one with my now-husband!).

So, I embarked upon a path of self-inquiry and stumbled upon a life-changing discovery... I was actually a Highly Sensitive Person!

For the first time in my life, I felt like maybe there wasn't something deeply wrong with me.

Through a windy journey of deep healing and unearthing the shame I felt for my sensitivity... I've gotten to a place of feeling so unapologetically good about who I am as a deep-feeling, emotional, heart-centered human being.

This confidence has allowed me to build a dream business helping thousands of HSPs. I speak up for what I need without feeling guilty about it. I take chances and I trust myself. And even as a mom to an amazing baby girl, I know without a doubt that I'm worth taking really good care of.

If this is possible for ME... a once-insecure girl who used to feel like her presence was a burden and she was simply "too much"... I know with my entire heart that feeling this way is possible for you, too.

I'm so ready for this!

Inside of the Sensitive & Soulful Vault, I give you all of the tools and trainings I've used to get to this place of unapologetic confidence and fierce sensitive self-love.

I want that, too!

Inside of the Sensitive & Soulful Vault, I give you all of the tools and trainings I've used to get to this place of unapologetic confidence and fierce sensitive self-love.

I want that, too!

Inside the Vault, you’ll find 24 juicy mini-courses on topics like…

  • Energetic Boundaries

  • Regulating the Nervous System

  • Tapping Into Your Intuition

  • Healthy Relationships As An HSP

  • Healing Shame For Sensitivity

  • Self-Worth and Self-Confidence

  • Grounding in Overwhelm

  • Mind-Body Connection

  • Managing Burnout

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • And more!

Each mini-course includes...

  • Audio training

  • Meditation

  • Nervous system regulation practice video 

  • Workbook

  • Guest expert training


The Vault is the perfect way to plug into the HSP training you need, get a boost of inspiration, and go out into your life feeling more aligned and clear.


Get the Sensitive & Soulful Vault here!

Not quite sure you want the entire Vault?

I’ve got you! If you’re desiring to focus on one specific area, check out our Mini-Vault offerings below…

The HSP Healing Package

Includes mini-courses on…

Self-healing is sacred for the Sensitive Soul.

Self-Healing for the Sensitive Soul

I break through my limiting beliefs.

Break Through Limiting Beliefs

Being Sensitive is nothing to be ashamed of.

Healing Shame For Being Sensitive

I love & honor my sensitive inner child.

Inner Child Work

Purchase The HSP Healing Package!

Sensitive & Confident Package

 Includes mini-courses on… 

I am powerful. I am confident. I am worthy.


My voice matters. My needs matter. I will no longer silence myself.

Using Your Voice

I step into my sensitive superpower.

Sensitivity As A Superpower

I use my empathy to do good in the world.

Healthy Empathy + Empowerment

Purchase the Sensitive & Confident Package!

The Calm & Centered HSP Package

 Includes mini-courses on… 

I honor my emotions & feel my feelings.

Emotional Well-Being

When I support my nervous system, I navigate life with more ease.

Nervous System Regulation

Burning out is not a badge of honor.

Managing Burnout as an HSP

I trust my body's wisdom.

HSPs & The Mind-Body Connection

Purchase The Calm & Centered HSP Package!

Boundaries & Energy Package

Includes mini-courses on…

Release. Recharge. Reenergize.

Energy Management

Energetic boundaries protect my peace.

Energetic Boundaries

This holiday will be joyful, peaceful, and gentle.

Finding Peace During The Holidays

I honor myself & I say what I need.

Overcoming People-Pleasing

Purchase the Boundaries & Energy Package!

When you know how to work with your sensitive nature, you:

Are totally confident in who you are

Aren't afraid to say what you need

Have healthier, more fulfilling relationships

Don't waste time people-pleasing

Have solid boundaries

Trust yourself

Stop burning out

Manifest your desires because your self-worth is HIGH

Know how to tap into your intuition (which is super powerful for sensitive people!)

Start your journey, get the Sensitive & Soulful Vault today!

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Community, Healing, Spirituality, & Self-Discovery for HSPs

Community, Healing, Spirituality, & Self-Discovery for HSPs

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