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From letting insecurity, anxiety, and defensiveness sabotage your relationships to finding peace, confidence, and contentment with the people you love most.

Because you deserve the type of relationship where you feel not only accepted for your sensitive nature... but adored for it.

 ...Where your spouse hands you a tissue with a smile when a sad commercial comes on during your show because he already knows you're going to cry. đŸ„Č

...And your friends love your helpful, caring nature but they always make sure to ask how YOU'RE doing and won't let you get away with an "I'm all good!" when they know you need more support. đŸ«¶

In Confident & Content Relationships, I'm teaching you how to cultivate relationships that feel mutually fulfilling and secure. Relationships where you feel confident to express your needs and safe to be exactly who you are.

When you're a highly sensitive person (HSP), relationships can feel extra challenging sometimes. đŸ™‹â€â™€ïž

đŸ«ŁÂ Maybe you're the type of person who feels overly responsible for everyone else's emotions, energy, and mood. Like, if someone seems upset, you'll dissect everything they say and watch their body language closely... feeling on edge and unable to relax until they're acting "normal" again. 

Like, if your spouse comes home from work in an "off" mood and is kind of short with you, you tend to spiral into anxiety and ask him 475 times if "everything is okay" and "are you sure?" which eventually results in him getting irritated, YOU getting offended, and now you're have the same fight for the third time this week. đŸ„”

đŸ« You may be the type of person to keep draining friendships in your life... often making excuses for the other person's poor behavior because you can empathize with WHY they behave this way. "They have past trauma and abandonment issues, so that's why he acts like that!" You often sacrifice your well-being because you feel bad for other people.

Maybe you have a friend who you know you need to cut ties with because she only talks about herself, never respects your boundaries, and hasn't asked how YOU'RE doing in over a month. BUT you feel bad ending things because you’ve been friends for a long time, she doesn't have anyone else, and so you tell yourself through gritted teeth, "maybe it's not that bad". 😑

😡And let's be real... you feel caught off guard by your big emotional reactions sometimes. You tend to get defensive easily, take things personally, and it's a struggle to articulate yourself clearly in tough conversations.

You've likely heard from loved ones, "I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around you." The people close to you often hold back from sharing certain things because of your reactions, which makes you feel hurt, ashamed, and disconnected. You crave deep connection and you want to be able to handle criticism, but your emotions feel overwhelming. 

The quality of your relationships impacts the quality of your life, and when things feel off... it's hard to ignore. So, you've probably been trying different things to feel better in your relationships. —

đŸ«¶Like, sitting down with your very logical, non-HSP spouse and trying to explain your experience as a deep-feeling highly sensitive person so that he can finally GET you

🙏Or trying to set boundaries with your family who couldn't be MORE different than you but every time you try, they say, "Lighten up! It's fine! Quit making everything a big deal."

đŸ“ČOrrrr using scripts you've read online to set boundaries and express your needs because you've always been a people-pleaser, so speaking up for yourself doesn't come naturally

But you're constantly met with resistance. ✋

Your spouse doesn't understand why you're so sensitive. Your family pushes back on your boundaries. You get emotionally flooded and triggered when you try to have tough convos... often bursting into tears before you can get your point across. đŸ˜©

The reason you don't feel seen, your boundaries aren't "working", and you feel so triggered is because there are insecurities, anxieties, and old relationship patterns running beneath the surface, negatively impacting your relationships.

^^ Healing THIS is exactly what we're covering inside of Confident & Content Relationships. 💘🔐

JOIN! Pay In Full & Save
JOIN! 3-Month Payment Plan

Because here's the thing... I'VE BEEN THERE.

When I first met my husband, Matt, a very logical, DIRECT, non-highly sensitive person... we struggled to understand each other at times. His style is no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is and I'm (obviously) very sensitive. Emotional. Gentle-hearted.

It often felt like we were speaking two different languages. I'd get upset because his tone felt harsh and he was frustrated & confused about WHY I was so hurt.

In addition to that, I had a lot of anxiety that carried over from past relationships. So, I was constantly analyzing Matt's every move. "Are you mad at me? Are you sure everything is okay?" I'd nitpick and question and stress out if it took him a while to text back. And while he was patient with my anxieties, it wasn't sustainable for him to ALWAYS be reassuring me. I had healing to do around this.

And so, I did. It was through my own inner work - healing my self-worth, learning how to use my voice confidently, and learning how to use my triggers as opportunities for growth that I began to transform my relationship with my husband. I took ownership of my anxieties and past trust issues. I learned how to self-regulate when I felt anxious, rather than spiraling and not being able to eat or relax until he calmed my anxiety. 

I learned how to separate my emotions and energy from him, so when he came home in an off mood, I didn’t immediately stress and go into “fix it” mode. I recognized that we are two separate people and I learned how to regulate myself through discomfort rather than create a whole story around it.

I’ve figured out how to thrive in a relationship with a non-HSP, how to transcend my insecurities, regulate myself through big emotions, and use my triggers as opportunities for growth so that we aren’t getting in the same arguments over and over again. There is a mutual respect for one another; an understanding, appreciation, and adoration for our differences.

At our wedding almost four years ago, Matt lovingly said in his vows, “You have the softest soul of anyone I’ve ever met.” And as we raise our two-year-old daughter together, he often says her sensitivity is one of his favorite things about her.

So, if you're sitting here reading this thinking, "That could never be my partner!" I'm here to tell you that if it was possible for us, it's possible for you. đŸ«¶Â Because when YOU do the inner work to truly accept yourself AND take ownership over your triggers & relational patterns... there's no way your relationships WON'T improve.

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I'm In! Payment Plan

When you join Confident & Content Relationships, you're saying GOODBYE to

  • Needing constant validation and reassurance from your partners/friends because you’re anxiously overthinking little things (like partner’s tone of voice or a comment they made) 

  • Feeling unseen, unheard, and misunderstood in your relationships because the people in your lives can’t relate to how sensitive you are and you struggle to explain it to them

  • A lack of deep connection in your relationships because you get triggered easily, leading to the same arguments, frustration, misunderstanding, & disconnection in your relationships 

  • Imbalanced relationships where you're carrying the bulk of the emotional labor because you're always the one listening to everyone else’s problems, making plans, and initiating important conversations. 

  • Second-guessing yourself and your value in relationships. Any time there’s a fight, argument, or misunderstanding, you’re quick to blame yourself and apologize right away even if you didn’t do anything wrong.

And saying HELLO to feeling truly confident, content, and peaceful in your relationships. 💘

👋To becoming the person who doesn't overgive, suppress their needs, and people-please to feel loved because you know you're deserving of love even when you say "no", have an off day,or disappoint someone.

👋To knowing how to confidently speak up in relationships to feel seen, heard, and have your needs met so there's no more silent resentment, disappointment, and expecting people to "just know" what you need.

👋To being able to process and regulate your emotions in a healthy way so that you don't feel SO overwhelmed by them and can set needed boundaries, have tough convos, and move through triggers without shutting down or getting into a blowout fight.

👋To knowing how to identify and work through your triggers so you're no longer hearing, "I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around you" because you know how to manage your emotions and you no longer take everything so personally.

👋To feeling calm, secure, and at ease most of the time in your relationships so that even when someone's mood seems "off" or they take a long time to text back, you feel solid instead of spiraling into anxious overthinking.

Here's what you can expect from Confident & Content Relationships 💘🔐

💎 Phase 1: Uncover the unhealthy relationship patterns you've fallen into, WHY you've fallen into them, and learn HOW to step out of them.  When you know the exact role YOU are playing in your relationship dissatisfaction, you gain SO much ownership over your experience and that's exactly what we'll be doing here. You'll connect the dots as to WHY you get so anxious with your partner, WHY you tend to overthink everyyyy tiny interaction, WHY you get triggered so easily, etc. and do deep healing around this so that you don't keep bringing this baggage into your relationships.

👑 Phase 2: Build your self-confidence and self-worth so you don’t let other people walk all over you/take advantage of you; so you don’t rely on others to SEE you because you see yourself. Other people can only accept you to the extent that YOU accept yourself. If, deep down, you don't feel worthy of a solid, healthy relationship... if you resent being a highly sensitive person... this will be reflected back to you in your relationships. Raising your self-worth and unapologetically accepting yourself changes the way you show up in your relationships. When you feel self-confident, you'll have the courage to speak up for your needs; you'll learn to be comfortable setting boundaries & disappointing others sometimes. And trust me when I say, you'll no longer be so fixated on other people accepting you because YOU accept yourself... and that type of energy naturally generates respect + acceptance from others. 

đŸ”„Phase 3: Know how to identify, manage, and work through triggers so you aren’t SO impacted by everyone else. THIS is a skill that will literally change the way you experience everything in your life, for the better. PERIOD. Through these trainings, you'll learn how to take the moments that make you feel insecure, angry, agitated, frustrated, etc. and USE them as opportunities to heal and grow. So, instead of feeling triggered and then going straight into an emotional reaction and having ANOTHER fight with your partner ("Why did you make me feel this way?!?!")... you'll instead know how to regulate yourself through your big feelings, process your emotions, and approach the situation from a more neutral, grounded space.

✹Phase 4: Anchor in your new identity (communicating needs, setting boundaries, + expanding your tolerance for discomfort so that you can handle a variety of situations). You can be confident and kind. Empathetic and well-boundaried. Loving and firm. A major reason HSPs feel dissatisfied in relationships is because you're staying stuck in old patterns (people-pleasing, insecurity, feeling misunderstood, easily triggered, etc.) and stepping OUT of those old patterns feels scary/uncomfortable. Here, you'll learn how to expand your tolerance for discomfort so that you can step into a new, more empowered identity (aka being the person who speaks up for their needs, doesn't get SO triggered, and doesn't let people walk all over you...) without feeling like you're doing something "bad" or "wrong". The vibe here is that you're BECOMING your most authentic, confident self.

When you master Confident & Content Relationships... 💘🔐

  • You feel seen, heard, and respected by people who historically "didn't get you" because YOU now carry yourself with a confident, unapologetic energy that demands respect
  • You're more present in your daily life because you're no longer wasting time and energy overthinking everything you said or worrying about what could potentially happen
  •  You have deeper connections with your partner and have breakthroughs with them that you’d always dreamt of having. You feel so much more seen, heard, and validated because you are SEEING yourself and actually communicating your needs. 
  • You have more energy because you let go of relationships that drained you and you've set healthy boundaries so that you're no longer overextending yourself in ways that don't feel good
  •  You feel confident and capable of handling EVERYTHING life throws your way because you’ve learned tools and skills to cope with triggers in a way that’s healthy and supportive. They won’t be taken out by crippling anxiety or so overcome with the need to people-please because they’ll know how to manage their triggers and support themselves through the discomfort.

If you're ready to stop letting insecurity, anxiety, and defensiveness sabotage your relationships...

And start finding peace, confidence, and contentment with the people you love most...


Join us inside of Confident & Content Relationships. 💘🔐

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JOIN! 3-Month Payment Plan