A proven program for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) to go from feeling insecure and self-conscious to self-confident, worthy, and empowered to cultivate healthier relationships with others and themselves.

Before I tell you about this program, let's talk about who this is really for.

You’re a highly sensitive soul who’s always felt a little different from the people around you. You feel deeply. You love hard. You’re the helper, the giver, the one who’s always there for everyone else.

But… you struggle to do the same for yourself. You’re hard on yourself. You don’t let yourself off the hook the same way you do others. Self-trust? Yeah, that certainly doesn’t come easily.

You often second-guess yourself, feel indecisive, and wonder how everyone else seems to have it all figured out. Maybe relationships are a challenge; boundaries feel impossible; and self-care? Psh, now that’s a far off luxury.

Whether you're...


>> A kind-hearted soul who often feels taken advantage of by others. You’re a natural caretaker who craves meaningful connections with others, but it feels like all of your relationships are one-sided. You always make the plans and bend over backwards for others, but others don’t seem to do the same for you. You want to feel like you matter, but can’t help but feel resentful sometimes.

>> A passionate, aspiring entrepreneur but you struggle to find the confidence to actually take action on your goals. You second-guess yourself a lot, get stuck in indecision, and worry about what other people might think. You want to do big things with your life but can’t seem to move the needle forward.

>> An HSP in a long-term relationship that you know could be satisfying, but your sensitivity and insecurities seem to “get in the way”. You can’t seem to figure out how to stop feeling so anxious all the time. Your emotional needs feel like a burden and you spend a lot of time feeling alone. You want a fulfilling relationship but feel confused in how to actually get that.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place. As you read on, I'll tell you exactly how Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth will give you the tools, guidance, and support on your journey to cultivating higher self-worth and living a more soul-satisfying life. It's time to come home to yourself, my friend.

By the end of this program,

you will have…


Identified exactly why you’ve struggled with self-worth and what your triggers are.

You'll learn how to stop blocking yourself from taking action, start having healthy relationships and you'll feel really freaking good about yourself!


Rewritten your self-worth story.

Finally shift out of those old, self-sabotaging patterns and start living life on your terms.


Implemented emotion regulation practices into your life.

You'll feel less emotionally reactive and more grounded, leading to better relationships with others and yourself.


Learned your unconscious relationship patterns and how to undo them. 

Feel less anxious and more satisfied in all of your relationships.


Gained the tools to share your needs with confidence.

Gone are the days of feeling like a burden for your sensitivity! Your relationships will thank you.


Set healthy boundaries in your life.

You know, those ones you’ve been too scared to set!


Stopped asking everyone else’s opinions and started trusting your own!

You’ll know how to use your intuition (a superpower for HSPs) and let it guide you along the way.


Crafted your personalized plan for staying confident, connected, and empowered.

There’ll be no guesswork here! 

"Alissa has changed my life!

Our work together was the key I needed to unlock a chest full of treasures within myself. She helped me discover the strengths of being an HSP, how to set boundaries and how to properly care for myself.

Now having put those lessons to test, I am enjoying the peace I was seeking and living a wildly joyful life! I believe now that being an HSP is a gift I will always treasure." 

-Melissa Wessells, 1:1 Client

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Alissa's program helped me re-write the story of my life through embracing my deep sensitivity as a blessing, accepting myself for exactly who I am, loving each and every part of me -- my body, my personality, my achievements, my mistakes; and approaching difficulties with curiosity.

- Muriel C., 1:1 Client

Alissa showed me how to create space during a time where I felt like I was suffocating in people pleasing and politeness. I had no ability to say “no” or any inclination to what felt right to me—only what felt would be the least inconvenient for others. I feel empowered to set boundaries and turn my intuition dial all the way up to pursue relationships, living spaces, and experiences that feel right to me. I would 100% recommend working with Alissa to anyone who is deep feeling, sensitive, or empathetic because she enables you to feel seen and live by the decisions that feel true to who you are.

-Mel M., 1:1 Client

I have been able to grow, learn, and heal more than ever, and faster than ever by finding Alissa's work. In a few months I have been able to understand who I am, and instead of trying to change my sensitive side, embrace it and love myself more so that I can heal. I've learnt how to live in this world whilst staying true to my most inner self.

-Nardean E. Sensitive & Soulful Member

What’s Inside Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth 


Module 1

Identify & Assess Your Self-Worth

First and foremost, we’ve gotta lay the groundwork here! The first step in the program is to identify where your self-worth is currently at and how it’s affecting your relationships; your self-confidence; your ability to take action; your capacity to set boundaries. We’re going to get clear on what’s up for you!

The way we value ourselves is at the root of many struggles we face. When we can understand what’s holding us back, we can untangle it and start living in a way that feels really good. This module is all about pinpointing exactly where you’re at so your focus is clear and intentional over the next 7-weeks.

Module Highlights:

>> Meet your highest self and get big-picture clarity on who it is you want to be at the end of this program. You’ll set your intention, which will become your North Star throughout this experience.

>> Identify exactly how your self-worth has impacted your relationships, confidence, boundaries, and self-care. This is where the big ahas start to happen!

>> Build your nervous system regulation toolkit. With our extra-sensitive systems, this is a MUST for HSPs. You’ll learn techniques that’ll support you through the deep work you’ll do in this program!

Module 2

Your Self-Worth Origin Story

This is where the really deep work begins. In order to get to the confident, empowered, action-taker version of you… we’ve gotta sift through those old stories and move through the areas where you’ve been really feeling stuck.

Here, we’re diving into how how being an HSP impacts our self-worth (hint: it’s a HUGE reason so many of us have struggled!). You’ll identify past traumas that are still impacting your self-worth today, and we’ll dive into some shadow work. What are you still feeling ashamed of? What’s holding you back? It’s time to uncover it.

This is the big, important work that will provide the breakthroughs and insights needed to propel you to a new chapter of your life. We’re going to take a little extra integration time on this module because it’s such an impactful one!

Module Highlights:

>> Recognize and release the shame of being highly sensitive. So many HSPs feel misunderstood, painfully different, and wrong for who they are… which causes a deep feeling of shame. This is why so many of us struggle with low self-worth. We’ll begin to release this so you can step into your true authenticity.

>> Connect with and honor your inner child. This will be a key part of you treating yourself with more love, compassion, and deep understanding. You’ll start to quiet your inner critic and cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself.

>> Breakthrough your low self-worth story. You’ll do work to shed those old beliefs that are holding you back. You’ll feel lighter and have the space to now write a new, more empowering story for yourself. This is where the magic happens!

Module 3

Relationship Deep-Dive

Relationships can add so much meaning, value, and fulfillment to our lives. But, the difficult truth is… so many HSPs find it challenging to fully achieve this! The reality is, many of us are still hanging onto old stories (without even realizing it) which are impacting our ability to have healthy relationships.

In this module, we’re going DEEP. You’ll learn all about how relationships impact HSPs specifically (because yes, being sensitive totally changes things!). You’ll also get clear on your attachment style, codependent tendencies, and more. 

This module is sure to be a favorite because it’s packed with juicy value that’ll give you the clarity and tools to make lasting change in your relationships. We’ll also take an extra week to integrate everything you’ll learn in this module.

Module Highlights:

>> Learn how to have a healthy, satisfying relationships with both HSPs and Non-HSPs. HSPs make up 15-20% of the population, which means we’re the minority, so the majority of relationships we have will likely be with non-HSPs! This means it’s essential to learn how to coexist and thrive in relationships with both HSPs and our less sensitive counterparts.

>> Get familiar with your attachment style and how it impacts the relationships in your life. Do you struggle with people-pleasing? Are you always feeling like a burden? Is it scary to share what you actually need? We’re going to uncover WHY and then work through it here.

>> Gain emotion regulation techniques. This plays a critical role in the satisfaction of your relationships! It’ll help you better manage those big emotions and not get so emotionally flooded during challenging conversations.

Module 4

Boundaries, Self-Trust, & Unshakeable Confidence

Are you sick of always second-guessing yourself? Feeling insecure? Overgiving until you’re totally drained? Yeah, I hear that! Here’s where we put a stop to those behaviors and create a new way of living.

This module is allll about stepping into the empowered, intuitive, confident highly sensitive human that you’ve always been designed to be. You’re going to cultivate a magnetic “I’ve got my own back” energy that’ll have you feeling amazing and will leave the people in your life wondering what’s gotten into you. In a good way! 

Ready to turn heads and feel really freaking good in your skin? Let’s do this!

Module Highlights:

>> Finally setting those boundaries! We’ll identify exactly where you need them, how to set them, and what to do if you receive pushback on your boundaries. You’ll also get a handy script to use for setting boundaries, so there’s no guesswork here!

>> Build your confidence and self-trust. You’re going to learn how to stop second-guessing yourself and start leaning into your intuition. No more playing small and feeling insecure - we’re stepping out of that!

>> Learn how to stay firm in your self-worth even when life challenges you. You’ll learn how to use my favorite technique for using triggers as teachers so you can feel more in flow with life, instead of always fighting against it.

Module 5

The "Shift Your Self-Worth" Action Plan

I’m a hugeeee fan of action. I believe it’s how we truly build confidence, self-trust, and that deep feeling of having our own backs. Throughout this entire course, you’ll be taking action to propel you forward, but this module is about tying it up with a bow and feeling really clear about what’s next for you.

This one is all about setting you up for success. When we make change in our lives, we want to keep it going, right? So, it’s time to create your action plan, revisit the areas where you need to do a little more work, and move into life feeling grounded and good!

Module Highlights:

>> Craft your non-negotiable self-worth plan. Now that you’ve got all the clarity around your self-worth struggles, shadows, attachment style, and more… it’s time to create a plan so that when life inevitably challenges you, you know exactly what to fall back on.

>> Embody your highest self. In week one of the program, you met your highest self and envisioned who you wanted to be at the end of the program. Now, we take the steps to truly embody it. You don’t have to hope for it, you are it.

>> Communicate your relationship needs with confidence. This will be key in your ability to cultivate and maintain healthy, satisfying relationships. You now know that you’re fully worthy of having the connection you’ve always desired.

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When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth
($1,100 Value)


5 Expansive Modules

Walking you through the exact roadmap to shifting out of feeling insecure and self-conscious into feeling self-confident, worthy, and empowered to cultivate healthy relationships with others and yourself.


Emotion Regulation Techniques

To help you navigate life and relationships as an HSP with more confidence and ease.  


Practices to Release Low Self-Worth Beliefs

Through the practices in this program, you’ll shed the stories that are keeping you stuck, insecure, and unfulfilled.


Strategies for Setting Boundaries, Communicating Needs, and Enhancing Intuition

This will literally change the way you see yourself and the way you experience life.

Bonus 1

Self-Healing for the Sensitive Soul 

A self-paced mini-course on how to be your own healer and use life's triggers as opportunities for growth.

(A $125 value)

What You’ll Get:

>> An audio training, meditation, self-healing video exercise, and workbook with the tools you need to become your own best healer.

>> Teachings on how to work through life's triggers in a way that empowers and supports your personal growth.

>> A guest expert training on the Chakra System and how to use it as guidance on our personal healing journeys.

Bonus 2

Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs 

A self-paced mini-course on how to overcome and rewrite your limiting self-beliefs.

(A $125 value)

What You’ll Get:

>> An audio training, meditation, and EFT Tapping video to help you work through your limiting beliefs as an HSP.

>> Teachings on what limiting beliefs are, how they're formed, and actionable ways to rewrite them so that we don't stay stuck.

>> A deep-dive guest expert training on Limiting Beliefs and HSPs.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth - $1,100 Value

>> Bonus 1: Self-Healing for the Sensitive Soul - $125 Value

>> Bonus 2: Break Through Limiting Beliefs - $125

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $1,350.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just $555.

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It's time to embrace your true nature and come home to yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions you may have before grabbing access to Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth!

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Still "thinking about it"?


You should join Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth if this hits home with you...

You want to feel more confident in every aspect of your life… like, really badly.

Whether you’re frustrated in your relationships, tired of not taking action on your goals, or sick of feeling walked all over… you know the way things are going doesn’t feel very good. Other people seem to “have it all figured out”, so why not you?

More importantly, you know you aren’t here to go through life second-guessing yourself, holding back, and feeling unfulfilled in your relationships. You’re tired of holding your tongue and never actually stating what you need.

That’s why you’re so motivated to invest the next couple months in learning about yourself, undoing your old patterns, and stepping into a higher level of self-worth that’ll dramatically improve your life and relationships!

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I cannot even wait to guide you through this incredible program...

Strengthening my self-worth has literally transformed my life.

I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to be filled with self-doubt, insecurity, and wondering if my needs even matter. For years, I stumbled in relationships and was constantly hard on myself.

I went from feeling small and “less than”, to feeling worthy of everything I desired. As a result, I’ve been able to realize some of my greatest dreams and my relationships are stronger than ever.

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge and see how this work can positively impact your life. 

The possibility of feeling incredibly confident, free, and proud of exactly who you are – it’s closer than you think, my friend.

If you choose to join us, I personally guarantee these next 7 weeks will be completely life changing for you and your closest relationships.

I'm so so excited to meet you inside of Sensitive & Soulful Self-Worth!

Much love,

Alissa Boyer