WORTHY: Self-Worth Mini-Course for HSPs

Raise your self-worth so you can get off the emotional rollercoaster of second-guessing yourself and step into feeling regulated & unbotherable.

Not sure if you have a self-worth issue? Let me know if any of these sound familiar:

  • If someone treats you disrespectfully, you automatically wonder what YOU did wrong to cause it.

  • You tend NOT to trust yourself so you're always asking what everyone else thinks for every tiny decision you make.

  • You play it safe and try to do things perfectly, so you end up never taking action on the things you say you want to do.

  • You never share what you need, so you often feel resentful and like you're doing everything.

  • You feel overly responsible for other people's moods and often wonder if they're mad at you.

  • You are easily impacted by everyone else's mood and it's common to have your day ruined by someone else.

  • When you make a mistake, you punish yourself and have a loud inner critic.

If any of these are ringing a bell... it's time to examine your self-worth and look at the way you're valuing yourself.

Because when we don't feel worthy, valuable, and confident, we go through life feeling insecure and second-guessing ourselves. We're always worrying about what everyone else thinks of us and if we're saying/doing the right thing.

And that? Is EXHAUSTING. I know, because I've been there.

Before I did the work to heal my self-worth and feel truly confident from the inside out, I struggled DEEPLY with the way I felt about myself. This manifested in unhealthy relationships, letting people walk all over me, and eventually burning myself out at work because I was always saying YES instead of taking time for myself.

Doing the inner work to heal your self-worth and step into unapologetic self-acceptance & confidence changes everything.

Because when you have high self-worth... when you feel truly confident, you move through life differently.

  • If someone treats you disrespectfully, you have a tough conversation and/or set a boundary.
  • You trust yourself and make decisions without needing to ask for everyone else's opinion.
  • You take risks and are willing to make mistakes and be imperfect.
  • You speak up for yourself even if you get teary eyed and stumble over your words because you know your needs matter, too.
  • You don't take it personally when someone else is in a bad mood.
  • You know you're in charge of your own happiness and you don't let other people's issues dictate how you feel.
  • When you make a mistake, you are gentle with yourself.

You see what I'm saying? When you feel good about yourself from WITHIN, you move through life with confidence.

You speak your needs.

You know you deserve respect.

And you become the type of person who keeps the promises they make to themselves.

Which is so powerful.

If you're readyyyy to make the change and become more self-confident, this mini-course is the PERFECT first step.

What We Cover:

  • Uncovering your sneaky low self-worth patterns (you know, the ones that stop you from speaking up & make you second-guess yourself) so you can do the necessary healing to feel deeply confident
  • Cultivating "I have my own back" energy aka being the type of person who keeps promises to themselves and feels grounded & calm NO MATTER WHAT is happening around you
  • Speaking up with CONFIDENCE when you've always been the person who held your tongue and felt nervous to express what you need (this is KEY to you feeling more emotionally connected in your relationships!)
  • Tapping into self-compassion instead of being SO hard on yourself when you make a mistake, do things imperfectly, etc. by connecting with & reparenting your inner child through meditation
  • Releasing stuck emotions and negative feelings that are blocking you from being your most self-assured self by utilizing a powerful self-regulation practice called emotional freedom technique

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