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Build a heart-centered business that both your nervous system AND bank account will love.

What if your sensitivity was actually the secret ingredient to your success as a business owner?

What if your soft-hearted, empathetic nature was exactly why people couldn't wait to work with you?


What if the unlock to your dream business wasn't more hustle, longer hours, or thicker skin... was actually just being more you.

...and giving yourself permission to do things your unique way.

...and actually taking your sensitivity into account instead of following a non-HSP's "step-by-step formula" that you know isn't right for you!

My name is Alissa Boyer and in January 2019, I started a blog called after navigating digestive issues that totally rocked my world. I’d become passionate about self-help and holistic healing, and I was bursting to share my learnings with others.

For me, there was no plan to start a business. I had no clue how or if I’d ever monetize. I just wanted to write and I wanted my words to help others.

Over time, though, a business did blossom. I started sharing about my experience as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and found that people deeply resonated with my stories. I realized I could really, really help other HSPs. 

There was something more for me here.

In September 2020, I made my first dollar as an online entrepreneur when I created my first program - The Highly Sensitive & Soulful Membership.

It was messy, imperfect, and it was full of heart.

From there, I grew the Membership to over 150 monthly members. 

I’ve done 1:1 HSP Mentorship and launched an online course that generated $20,000 in revenue in its first launch. 

I’ve started my own podcast, been a guest on dream podcasts, and I even host my own Business Mastermind for HSPs.

All of this led to me finally quitting my full time job so that I can do this work full time while raising my daughter. 

The flexibility, creativity, and deep fulfillment that come from working for myself are truly life-giving for me as a highly sensitive soul.

I believe highly sensitive people are here to make an impact and I know we're here to do things differently, including business!

Ready to join us?

Inside of the Sensitive Soul Business Society, we're starting a movement and we're doing things our way.

Join The Membership [Pay In Full]
Join The Membership [Payment Plan]

For far too many years, highly sensitive people have suppressed their voices and let others take charge.


We've felt the weight of society telling us, "You're too sensitive! Stop being so emotional."

cluster of colorful flowers
Many of us internalized the belief that in order to succeed in this world, we've gotta...
"Care less!"
"Toughen up!"
And quite frankly, be anything but our gentle, sensitive selves.
I call BS.
If you're reading this, it's because you've got something special to share.
You have a mission on your heart.
A greater purpose that you're here to serve.
And maybe you've tried the different business advice out there, but nothing ever felt quite right to you.
cluster of colorful flowers

This is where the Sensitive Soul Business Society comes in!

This exclusive business membership is a place for highly sensitive entrepreneurs to come together, collaborate, and build businesses that work with our sensitive nature.
Join The Membership [Pay In Full]
Join The Membership [Payment Plan]

Inside of SSBS,
you will...

  •  Learn how to build a business that takes into account your sensitive nervous system
  • Have a safe community of fellow HSPs where you can test out new ideas, ask questions, share vulnerably, and get feedback
  • Gain the tools to build a thriving online community without needing to post a million times per day
  • Learn how to sell online in a way that feels fun and natural
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I've built my business and ask anyyy questions you have
  • Learn how to build a course; how to launch programs without burning out; how to stop letting imposter syndrome hold you back... and so much more!
Join The Membership [Pay In Full]
Join The Membership [Payment Plan]

What's Included:

  • Access to a Vault of Pre-Recorded Trainings (all topics listed below!)
  • Monthly Strategy Session Live on ZoomBring your business goals and ideas to the call. I’ll help you prioritize what you should actually focus on for the month + then create achievable action items from there.
  • Monthly Blindspot Breakthrough Session Live on Zoom: These sessions are an opportunity for you to be personally coached by me. If you’re getting stuck, in your head, and noticing patterns that are stopping you from moving forward… it’s time to nip those in the bud!
  • Q&A Once Per Month for all of your specific business questions in our Private FB Group on FB Live
  • Private Facebook Community for Members only: Get feedback, accountability, and support from fellow group members
  • Quarterly Guest Expert Workshops (covering topics like Podcasting, Legal, Taxes, Cycle-Syncing, PR)
  • Bonus Trainings + Free Access To Any Public Business Masterclasses I Offer

Topics We Cover:

  • Content Creation & Copywriting That Converts: Learn how to write & create in a way that builds trust with your community & get them excited to buy from you.
  • Creating A Course That Sells: Learn the ins and outs of creating a course that helps people experience a transformation. You'll be able to go from idea to finished product with this training.
  • Creating & Launching A Membership: Recurring monthly revenue is the VIBE and memberships are one of the best ways to creat that! In this training, you'll learn how to create a membership community and launch it with a proven method.
  • Launch Strategy & Energetics: I take you behind-the-scenes of a $20k course launch! We'll cover the strategy & energetics of launching both new & evergreen offers. You'll learn exactly HOW to do this yourself.
  • Selling As Service: We dive into energetics & strategy here with specific examples of how to sell different offerings in a way that feels GOOD!
  • Money Mindset for HSPs: Overcome the "ick" feeling when it comes to charging $$ for your amazing work!
  • Building A Warm, Safe, & Engaged Community: This is the key to having people who feel safe to buy from you, who LOVE to be in your space, AND tell all of their friends about you.
  • Email Freebies & Funnels: Learn how to create an email opt-in that people are excited to sign up for and how to nurture and grow your email list.
  • Managing Overwhelm As An HSP Business Owner: Not sure what to prioritize? Overwhelmed by ALL of the to-dos? This is one of the most common struggles for HSP entrepreneurs and in this training, I teach you exactly how to work through this!


  • 6-Month Commitment + Access to the Content

Let's do this together!

Join The Membership [Pay In Full]
Join The Membership [Payment Plan]

What people are saying ✨

“I feel I have been giving myself more permission to experiment, trying different things and “see what happens.” Feeling less pressure when I share content of social media even if I might not get so much feedback, knowing that I have just started. Also my mindset has shift regarding the idea “there are too professionals out there, there is no space for me.” It was really helpful having some reflections during our call around it. I also realize the importance of commitment and over the last month I have been posting consistently contents on my IG page. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us.”
“My mind set has shifted A LOT! I feel like the doors are just opening and the possibilities are endless… more to come!”