NOT "Too Sensitive" Workshop

A workshop for highly sensitive people who want to stay regulated even when others misunderstand them, feel empowered in their responses to questions like, “Why can’t you eat that?!" or "You're leaving already?!", and manage their energy no matter where they are and who they’re around.

Let me know if you've experienced this...

You feel TOTALLY confident and accepting of yourself when you're at home, surrounded by the people and things that make you feel safe...

But the moment you enter the "real world", you feel yourself shrink and deflateYour confidence is quickly replaced with second-guessing yourself and feeling realllyyy uncomfortable.

  • Maybe you dread going to your in-law's house for the holidays because you KNOW they're going to ask you for the 2582th time why you can't eat gluten anymore... as they hand you a King's Hawaiian roll. 🙄
  • Maybe you feel super anxious going to that party where you don't know anyone and you're worried you'll just be awkwardly hanging out in the corner, planning your Irish exit. 😰
  • Maybe you get nervous about travel (and you've got a lot of it coming up with the holidays!) because you won't have your own bed, usual foods, and comforting routine that helps you so much. 😳
  • Maybe you stress about Christmas Eve at your parents' house because you feel like the black sheep of the family and you're tired of fielding offhanded jokes and then hearing "Oh, quit being so sensitive!" 😠

Sound familiar? 😅

These experiences are so common for highly sensitive people (HSPs)!

As HSPs, we have different needs than other people (i.e. needing more rest, downtime, getting overstimulated by noise/lights/fabrics, sometimes being more sensitive to foods and fragrances, etc.)...

And the majority of people around us are NOT highly sensitive, so we can spend a lot of time fielding (annoying) questions, stressing over social engagements, and generally feeling misunderstood.

^^ THAT is why I created the Not "Too Sensitive" Workshop!

In this 60-minute workshop, you'll learn...

  • How to tap into the magnetic energy of unwavering self-acceptance that makes people so much less likely to bother you with 30580 questions (trust me on this!)
  • Techniques to regulate yourself before, during, and after social gatherings (especially the triggering ones!) so that you can show up as the confident, calm person you crave to be
  • Empowering ways to respond to irritating, judgmental questions so that you feel proud and at ease instead of defensive and small
  • Strategies to help you feel confident and grounded even when you're going into situations that tend to stress you out (like flying, or visiting an in-law who doesn't respect you)

There's a quote that I love which goes, "Wherever you go, there you are."

And I want you, my highly sensitive friend, to feel so good wherever you go. No matter who's around and what's going on... I want you to feel confident, at ease, and proud of the way that you show up.

This is exactly what you'll learn how to do inside of the Not "Too Sensitive" Workshop! 

This workshop took place on December 20th. Upon purchasing, you will get immediate access to the replay + two energy-balancing meditations sent to your email!

$35.00 USD