The HSP Boundary Bundle

This mini-course is for you if...

  • You often feel drained by people around you
  • You want to learn how to protect your energy
  • You've struggled with feeling burnt out
  • You often overextend yourself and then feel depleted

What you'll learn...

  • How to set energetic and physical boundaries as an HSP
  • How to feel less drained by people around you
  • How boundaries will help you avoid burnout at work, in personal life, and more
  • Why HSPs often struggle to set boundaries and practical tools to overcome this

This bundle includes...

  • 40-min audio on boundary-setting for HSPs
  • Slideshow +workbook on setting energetic boundaries
  • 4 informative videos on boundary setting for HSPs
  • 4 meditations to help you protect your energy, connect with your highest self, and disconnect when you feel overwhelmed
  • Journal prompts & action steps to start setting boundaries right away

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What People Are Saying:

Once again your work is changing my life! How on earth did we ever live without boundaries?! Thank you so much for teaching me!

Melissa W.

You have a gift for putting the information across in an enthusiastic way that makes it all feel achievable. It's not fixing me that I need to do - it's empowering me! Also, I find the guided meditations really helpful. Your voice is perfect for them. So relaxing!


$88.00 USD

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